Blueface & Coyote - Yea Yea

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Текст песни
Snuck through the back with the yeah-yeah
You know we got packs of the yeah-yeah
Big tits, but was better as a yeah-yeah
You more like "No", I'm like "Yeah, yeah"
My 'yote got locked for the yeah-yeah
Bail him out, I got stacks of the yeah-yeah
New foreign, I'ma pull up in that, yeah, yeah
Catch me at the top, oh yeah, yeah

Blueface, baby (Yeah, yeah), yeah, aight
Gotta keep a chopstick in my chop (Yeah, yeah)
I just copped a house bigger than the cops in the suburbs
I'm the only nigga on my block (Yeah, yeah)
Never leave the house without that yeah-yeah
Forty knockin' off Gucci headbands (Ooh)
It's not regular, baby, these is baguette-'guettes
Million dollar views and some Moët get her more wet, uh
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