Migos & Travis Scott, Young Thug - Give No Fxk

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We don't give no fuck (No)
We don't give no fuck (Fuck shit)
We don't give no fuck (No)
We don't give no fuck (Fuck shit)
Out in public (Public)
And we run shit (Run shit)
Out in public (Public)
And we run shit (Get right)
I got too many diamonds on, I look awesome (Ice, get right)
Yeah, after I hit that ho, she need a walker (Smash, get right, uh)
I done shook them problems off, now I'm bossin' (Woo, get right)
Yeah, stack the money tall, back to ballin' (Get right, Takeoff)

Big boy Rolls, swerve the lane, I be hoggin' (Big boy Rolls)
Lit four blunts of Cookie, musty, yeah, it's foggy (Cookie, woah)
I can park it, stick be sparkin', do no talkin' (Brrt)
Watch me hit the target, mark the carpet, then depart it (Offset)
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