Cardi B - Bet It

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Текст песни
Ain't no half-steppin', all I do is break records
Now I play chess so a bitch can't checker
Made it out of hell and it's still gettin' hectic
And my life is a movie, only Cardi could direct it
Only take cash, they ain't never gave credit
Had to risk it all in myself so I bet it
Started on the pole, in the end, don't regret it
They'll use the past against you if you let it
But I'm back and I'm better, got Henny on the line
Tell her that I have real shit on my mind
'Cause the clocks start tickin' from the day I got signed
Million-dollar watch 'cause a bitch got time
They'll tell you everything 'bout me, but the grind
Tell you there's a bitch this hot, then they lyin'
If I pay for the streams, why the fuck you ain't buyin
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