Рингтон Yo Gotti - Pose & Star Wars (TikTok Remix)

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Текст рингтона Yo Gotti - Pose & Star Wars (TikTok Remix)
Pose, pose, pose
Fucked that bitch, tried put the fee on it
Uh-uh, best put the free on it (yeah)
If it's 'bout money, then we on it (whoa)
Water on my neck, you could ski on it (Oh)
You can't unthaw these diamonds, put the heat on it (what)
I was layin' in my bed while she dreamed on it (yeah)
Man, I touched that thing back, put my knee on it (yeah)
Man, my shoes was too fresh with my feet on it (whoa)
Went to the jeweler, top of the morning
24 hours, then I was snowed in (let's go)
You was not locked up, you was in holding
I know some niggas got life and they posin'
All in they picture, she know I'm richer
Yeah that her nigga, look at my wrist-er
Heard you flew sicker, I do not miss her
She not enough...
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