Megan Thee Stallion - Eat It

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Bitch, it's Young TIna Snow, the nastiest freak you know
(Murda on the beat so it's not nice)
Bust through the walls, break in and enter
How many licks 'til you get to the center?
How many times have I heard that a nigga a dog but scared when he play with the kitten?
How many times have I heard that somebody last long?
These niggas ain't lastin' a minute
How many times have I heard that a nigga was big but dick as small as an egg-shaker?
Legs shaking, hit it 'til the bed breakin' ('Til the bed breakin')
Best friend it, talk to it (Yeah)
What you wanna tell Megan? (What you wanna tell me?)
He say he finna keep me up (Huh?)
Yeah, nigga, we'll see (Nigga, we'll see)
I don't want just one nut (Hmm)
Daddy, I'ma need the whole tree (Ah)
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