Masked Wolf - Bop

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Текст песни
Everything you do is ordinary (Facts)
Everything I do is extraordinary, difference
Ain't no switchin'
Everything I say is fact, you keep it fiction
Let's see how long it last
I keep the mask, take it off here and there
In case you ask, yeah, in case you need to know
This a need-to-know basis
All homeruns, but I don't where my base is
Still tryna find myself a light on these occasions
I ain't even on yet, awaiting activation

I might put some bop in it
You like my whip, girl, you cannot hop in it
Convertible, yeah, I don't want top in it
No roof, yeah, I might get lost in it
Just like your songs, I think you need bop in it
Everything you do is ordinary (Ordinary)
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