Lil Tecca & Gunna - Repeat It

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Текст песни
Stayin' up, I get no rest, rest, rest, rest (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Don't gotta sleep, yeah
Fuckin' with bitches, the best, best, best, best
Shawty conceited (Woah)
Fuck with the gang and you dead, dead, dead, dead
You should've seen this (Woah, woah)
Put some dollars on your head, head, head, head
Then I repeat it

Diamonds wet, everywhere I go my diamonds cold, yeah (Yeah)
Line 'em up, we could turn 'em into dominoes, yeah (Yeah)
Ride in the Benz, drop the top, and now my hair in the wind, yeah (Woah)
She at it again, I'm at it again, we at it again
Real shooters, they gon' do what it takes
Ski mask, they ain't showin' the face
No FaceTime, that might come with a case
Got no time, makin' minimum wage
Goin' hard, you see me out of state
Took her home, and now she want to stay
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