Sleepy Hallow - Basketball Dreams (Intro)

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Текст песни
Remember I had basketball dreams, uh
I hit the block and shot a different type of three, huh
Said they love me, I don't know what that mean, huh
Started ballin', now these bitches playing D, huh
Smokin' gas so my pockets never E
I'm in somethin' fast, and it's probably AMG, huh
Fear no man, I know everybody bleed, huh
Stuck up in my ways, I'm a different type of breed, huh

I'm the wave, I hope everybody see, huh
Ocean on my neck, I pull up smoking out the B, huh
But she want me to fuck and make her famous
She think I made it
That's the reason when I pull up she be naked

She gon' throw it to me, never take it
And my pockets full of dead niggas faces
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