$uicideboy$ - Materialism As A Means To An End

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Текст песни
(You did good, $lick)
$licky, $licky, $licky
Lil Remains, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Hunnid K on a fuckboy, hmm (Fuckboy)
Fuck I look like? Think I trust boys, yeah
Full of hate, I'ma kill joy
$licky ridin' on blades like a hot boy
Ayy, 50 K on the chain, chain, chain (Chain, chain)
Grey, Grey, it's the gang, gang, gang (Gang, gang)
Load the K's, leave a stain, stain, stain
Fucking right I'm out my brain, brain, brain (Brain, brain)

Spin the block out with the Glock out like a menace (Like a menace)
Gimme a minute, I'ma make sure that it's finished
If I'm ridin', bendin' corners, say your penance
Should've listened to your bitch in the beginning
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