Kuma The Third - I Rest My Case

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I rest my case
Middle finger pick up the pace
All solved
Rick James
No puzzles to fake
My fault
My bad
My bitch tryna snake me
Boss a lick
A hit
Mix a bit of nova
I don't want to fall into the sweet talk
Chilling by myself with a keycard
Be smart
TV projecting the Goyard
Go far
Wasting my time in and time out again

I be ready cutting off friends
Making bands
Heavy hitter
Trigger finger from Japan
No demands
Pissed off
I don’t wanna shake hands with the boss
Hit em like lacrosse
Send him to the posse

Pick him up x2
Let him up
Stare at the snakеs
Sly fakes as they depart
Victim to powеr
They won't let you keep up
Take a step back right back to the reaper
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