StarBoi3 & Doja Cat - Dick 2

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I'm gettin' ripped tonight
R.I.P. that pussy (ayy)
I'm goin' in tonight

She actin' like an addict, uh
Thicker than Andy Richter
I met the boy in the Six, but
Measurements wasn't a six, uh
I like a sight of the pickle
I just got Morty & Rick'd, uh
He got me horny and ripped, uh
Like I just walked out the gym
And them bitches just gotta 'cause I took they Jim
Give him a job and he gave me a rim
It was too long so he gave me a min'
How was that possible? Give me a Kim
I can't describe it, just give me a pen
And why he in your tummy, bye-bye to my ribs
Turn him into a dummy, 'cause I got him stiff
And watch, you think it's funny 'til y'all get the dick
And turn into a zombie and swallow your clit
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