Young M.A & Fivio Foreign - Hello Baby

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Текст песни
Hello baby, hello baby Hello baby, hello baby Ayy, sipping that yakie, bitch in the pass' seat Got 2 more in the backseat (Hello baby) 'Vette all white, it's ashy Doing 150 on the dash, can't pass me (Skrr, skrr, skrr) Go to the bank with a check like, "Cash me" 100K bitch, big rack me (Big rack me) Throw it in the bag, big bag me I'm already married to the money, can't have me She said she adore me Hello hey (Hello baby) Then I went in Dior and Dior'ed me (Hello) Drip chеck, record me (Drip) This gun on my hip a .40 If ain't about money it borе me, I'm yawning If ain't yak don't pour me (Don't pour me) If ain't yak don't pour me
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