Polo G - Rapstar

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Текст песни
I ain’t jokin’, do it sound like I’m kiddin’? I’ve been makin’ like two thousand a minute So high up through the clouds, I was swimmin’ I’m probably gon’ drown when I’m in it I bet she gon’ get loud when I’m in it And we might have a child when I’m finished Uh, I won’t love a ho, after we fuck she can’t get near me Only bitch I give a conversation to is Siri My pants Amiri, yes, I’m winnin’, clearly I’m the chosen one, seen my potential so they fear me Lately I’ve been prayin’, God, I wonder, can you hear me? Thinkin’ about the old me, I swear I miss you dearly Stay down ‘til you come up, I’ve been stickin’ to that theory Every day a battle, I’m exhausted and I’m weary
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