Klass Murda & Pooh Shiesty - Legendary

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Текст песни
Nigga, I'm legendary (Woo) You get it, the kids get it, these bullets hereditary (Baw) Bitch I'm the one, bitch I'm the one, and no, I ain't secondary (Woo, uh) Nigga, I'm legendary, my gang legendary I put a drum in the automatic (Grrt-baw) I done sent so many packs through USPS when I go out west, that I named my daughter "Callie" Nigga, what's rockin'? (Nigga, what's rockin'?) You know I'm ape, let's get it started One on one, I fuck with my hats like Mr. [?] What you gon' do if Spotify don't sell your record (What?) I'm gon' open up a Spotify, don't sell no records
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