Lil Tjay & Polo G, Fivio Foreign - Headshot

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I'm the one who tried to make a way when we was strugglin' I remember rain, sleet, and snow, I was hustlin' Know the feds watchin', middle fingers to the government Glock in this Louis pouch, nigga, I ain't tusslin' Catfish, he don't really know who he fuckin' with Opps send a message, you grab a Drac' to rebuttal it Had a undertaker at your tombstone, shovelin' Hell yeah, hollows bound to chew 'em like some Doublemint Made it out the field with somе niggas I was thuggin' with We'll send some shots through thеy crowd while they huddlin' I'm the type to leave it in the streets, I ain't discussin' it Tryna make it flip, I need that Rolls-Royce Cullinan Old bitches trippin', cut her off like a Backwood Middle of the trenches, that's where me and the guys stood Killers anonymous, black masks and black hoods
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